It is very important that once you have had your table delivered and installed it is very important to take proper care of it. If you take proper care of the table this will preserve the table for years to come. Correct maintenance will preserve the table and allow you to have maximum usage. One of the easiest ways to preserve a pool table is to use a table cover. Table covers are available in two different sizes, which are six feet and seven feet.

When you are looking for a table cover for your pool table cover it is a good idea to shop around as there is a lot of companies that provide these and they will vary in price.

Pool Table Covers

There is a range of different table covers that are available for pool tables and these include vinyl covers that feature weighted corners that ensure that the cover hangs correctly on the pool table. These covers are designed to protect the pool table and they have the ability to protect the pool table from spillages, dust and also fading which can be caused by exposure to direct sunlight or excessive light.

It is possible to get a fitted pool table cover and these ones come in some very attractive designs.   These pool table cover designs include pool balls and this enables this the cover to look good even when it is covered. If you are lucky enough to own a pool table you will want to make sure that it is covered with a tasteful decoration. It is possible to get plastic pool table covers and these are very economical and these covers can save you the cost of having to recover the table.

When you are lucky enough to have a pool table you will want to look after so that it lasts therefore you will need protect the table from becoming faded or getting marked in any way.  These table covers will also protect the pool table from any type of debris. All tables regardless of whether they are snooker tables or pool tables should have a cover on them when they are not getting used as this protects the table.

The most practical tables covers is the plastic covers and these can be either decorated or plain. These are the best covers as they also have the ability to protect the table from the liquids that are accidentally spilt. It is also a very good idea to get a table cover, which has elasticated corners as this makes it a snug fit.

There are other types of table covers that are available and some of these are produced using basic cloth. The calico style of table covers look really nice and these are able to cope with spilt drinks. There are a lot of different choices of pool and snooker table covers and the best one will be down to individual circumstances and individual preferences. The price for these table covers will vary depending on what style you to opt for.

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Plastic Pool Table Covers

Plastic Pool Table Covers

These are the cheapest type off pool table covers that are available and they can often cost less than $10. Although that would be the poorest quality on the market you can add an extra few dollars a slighty heavier version.

Although cheap these covers are water and stain resistant as well as very durable if handled with some care. Thin plastic covers can easily tear if snagged on a corner and pulled roughly.
Because they are plastic you get them in a variety of colours or patterns.

Vinyl or Leatherette Covers

Vinyl or Leatherette Covers Pool Table

This is the next step up in the cover range still offering the water and stain resistance of a plastic but with a much tougher and more durable material.

The starting price for this type is around $45.

The finish on these is much more pleasing than plastic and can resemble leather coming in various colors and patterns.

Velveteen Pool Table Cover

This is to give your room the ultimate in professional looking decor with a velvet cloth covering that can have various edge trimmings including tassles.

Prices will start around $55 for this type of cover.

Because this is cloth finish it is prone to staining and therefore care should be taken with this type of covering. Plastic backed versions are available to ensure a waterproof protection for your table.