Harvard is now owned by Escalade Sports who manufacture the  range and are using the Mizerack name on all new Harvard style tables so don’t worry if you order a Harvard and recieve a Mizerak they are the same.

A large range of stylish can be found within the, and ranges with each offering a selection of these products.

The Harvard pool table is very popular and there is a range of different styles that are available. These pool tables are available in a range of different sizes that includes four feet, six feet and also seven feet. It’s a good idea to research the styles that are available prior to purchasing one of these tables so that you get the one that best fits your requirements.

Harvard Pool Table Information

One example of the Harvard pool table is the Harvard sports tables. These tables are very popular. When these tables are purchased brand new they come complete with two cues, a scoreboard, a set of balls, chalk, instructions and also a triangle. This style of table features lightweight legs which are sturdy and they are able to be folded up which allows for easy storage. This style of table weighs about forty kilograms. This table is ready built and therefore it can be used straightaway. This style of table also features cushions that have a mahogany effect finish.

Another popular table within the Harvard range of pool table is the Harvard Champion. This pool table is a five-foot table and this is a great table for budding pool player. This table is a sturdy construction, which is beautifully finished in maple and this is a great looking table. This table features a playing area that is fifty-six inches by twenty-seven inches. This table also features legs that are a rounded L shape and these feet are adjustable which means that you can change the height of the table. This style of pool table has a beautiful finish, which is a maple colour and strong pockets that are made from vinyl. This beautiful table comes complete with two cues, a set of pool balls, two packets of chalk, a table brush and also a triangle. This table has a height of seventy-nine centimetres, a width of seventy-six centimetres and a length of one hundred and fifty three centimetres.

The prestige pool table that is part of the Harvard range is a stunning pool table that is finished in a classy maple with inlays that have mother of pearl. This table is a full sized table and it features a system for automatic ball return. This table comes complete with balls, cues, chalk and also a triangle. This table has a playing surface of six feet by three feet. This table features pedestal legs that have end and side bracing. These legs can be adjusted to allow the height of the table to be changed. This table has a weight of about eighty-seven kilograms.

The Milford style of pool table comes with a dark green cloth that is made from taclon. This table also features striking pockets that are made from chrome. This table comes complete with two cues, a set of balls, chalk, a table brush and also a triangle. This table feature rounded L shape legs, which have inset end panels. This table also features five-inch leg levellers. This table weighs about sixty-nine kilograms.

Harvard Pool Tables

Mizerak 3-in-1 Bumper Pool/Poker

One Table for Three Fantastic, Fun-filled Uses
Octagonal Top is Reversible; Use as Poker Table,Dining Table, or Remove for Bumper Pool
Solid Wood Table Top and Aprons with Oak Wood Veneer Legs
Includes All Accessories for Immediate Play: Bumper Pool Ball Set, 2 Cue Sticks, 2 Chalks, Brush, Playing Cards and Poker Chips

2-in-1 Multi-Game Flip Table

2-in-1 Multi-Game Flip Table

Converts Quickly With a Simple Flip of the Table Top
Rugged Construction for Stability and Durability
Easy to Assemble and Play
Includes All Game Accessories
Table Dimensions: 72 in. L x 41 in.W x 31-1/2 in.H

Dual Play 2-IN-1 Multi Game Table

Dual Play 2-IN-1 Multi Game Table

2 Games In One! Billiards And Air-Powered Hockey
84 in. L. x 47 in. W. x 31 in. H. Assembled
5 in. Billiards Rails With Cushions For Lively Rebounds
6 3/4 in. Apron For Added Strength And Support
A-Style Legs With Cross Bars For Extra Stability
Attractive Glossy Black Laminate Finish
With Chrome Accents
110 V Motor
Includes 2 Two-Piece Cues, 1 Set Of Billiard Balls, 1 Triangle, 1 Rail Brush, 2 Pieces Of Chalk, 4 Hockey Strikers And 4 Hockey Pucks