Pool Table Covers Images and Types

It is very important that once you have had your table delivered and installed it is very important to take proper care of it. If you take proper care of the table this will preserve the table for years to come. Correct maintenance will preserve the table and allow you to have maximum usage. One of the easiest ways to preserve a pool table is to use a table cover. Table covers are available in two different sizes, which are six feet and seven feet. Continue reading “Pool Table Covers Images and Types”

Bumper Pool Table Products Rules and Images

The bumper pool table can be recognised by its distinctive dimensions and this is what makes it different to the standard pool table. The dimensions of these pool tables tend to be about forty right inches by fifty-four inches. The dimension of a standard table is three by seven feet but this will vary from table to table. The Bumper pool tables allow a very different form of pool to be played because it is actually a team game as opposed to an individual sport. With this game each of the players are given five balls each and this game requires either two or three players to make up a team. Continue reading “Bumper Pool Table Products Rules and Images”

Imperial Pool Table Products and Tables Images

The reconditioned style of Imperial pool table has been getting produced for well over twelve years. The key elements of the design have remained the same however modern materials are being used to produce these classic pool tables.   During the long time that these tables have been getting produced they have become very popular within the United Kingdom. This style of pool table can now be found in a vast array of public houses throughout the country. Continue reading “Imperial Pool Table Products and Tables Images”

AMF Brunswick Pool Tables Specifications and Table Images

Pool tables actually come in three different sizes and these lengths are seven foot, eight foot and nine foot. One of the biggest names within the world of tables is the Brunswick pool table. The size of Brunswick pool table that you opt for will depend on the size of space that you have available. The tournament pool table is the nine foot ones therefore if you want authenticity then opt for a nine-foot table. Continue reading “AMF Brunswick Pool Tables Specifications and Table Images”

Fischer Pool Tables Range and Table Images

The Fischer pool tables are very popular and there is a vast array of different designs that are available. These tables are at the luxury end of the pool tables that are available and all of these tables will cost a lot of money to purchase. The Fischer Company makes an array of different sporting equipment. There is large array of different luxurious styles that are available therefore there are something to suit all tastes and preferences. Continue reading “Fischer Pool Tables Range and Table Images”

Mizerak Pool Table Products and Tables Images

The Mizerak pool table is a very popular make of pool tables. There are many different pool tables that are included within the Mizerak range. One of the most popular tables is the eight-foot oakwood pool table. There are four different versions of the oakwood table and all of these are eight foot in length and have common features. These tables are constructed from quality ranch oak and they feature pedestal legs and black accents. Continue reading “Mizerak Pool Table Products and Tables Images”

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