Small tears in the felt can easily be fixed with a repair kit. This kit is inexpensive to purchase, and can help you avoid having your felt completely replaced. It is also easy to use, so everyone who owns a pool table should consider having one of these kits on hand.

Guide on how to use a Pool Table Repair Kit

Gather the Materials

You will need a few things in order to fully repair the tear in your felt. In addition to a repair kit, you will also need a utility knife or small pair of scissors and a rubber mallet. You should also check to make sure that your repair kit contains an adequate amount of thread to complete the job, and that it matches the color of your felt. Most repair kits contain clear thread, which can be used on any color of felt without being noticeable.

Begin the Repair

Thread the curved needle with about a two-foot strand of thread, but do not tie a knot in the end of it. Locate your tear, which is usually in an “l” pattern. Beginning about an inch out from the joint of this tear, insert your curved needle into the felt. Allow about an inch of thread to stick out, and then insert the head of the needle around 1/8 inch away from the joint. Pull the needle through and then make an overhand stitch across the opening, pulling the thread taught as you go. After making three or four stitches in this manner, the corner should be sealed shut, and you can then continue up on side.

Stitching the First Side

Continue making overhand stitches up the entire length of the tear, keeping them as close together as possible. Ideally, there should be no more than 1/8 inch between each stitch. You should also pull the thread tight after making each stitch, but be careful not to pull it too tightly or the material will bunch. Continue until you reach the end of that side, and then make two or three stitches at the very end in order to reinforce your work. Bring the curved needle back underneath the felt to around an inch from the joint so that you can then begin stitching the other side.

Finishing the Second Side

Bring the needle through the felt near the joint along the second side of your tear. Continue to repair the rip in the same manner as before, keeping stitches very close together and the thread tight. When you reach the end of this side, make two or three reinforcement stitches and then bring the curved needle up and underneath the felt about an inch away from this edge. Use a utility knife or small scissors to clip the exposed threads as closely as possible. Pound the repaired tear lightly with a rubber mallet so that the threads will lie down flat.

It’s important not to rush through this repair, as taking the time to make precise stitches will make your efforts effective. Once it is complete, you are free to begin using your pool table as soon as you would like.